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Insurance Disputes and The Texas Insurance Code

Many Texas Businesses pay thousands of dollars a year for insurance. This includes liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, insurance for our business property, and many other forms of insurance.

As we pay our monthly insurance premium, as high or as low as they may be, despite the cost and departing with that hard earned money, most business owners experience a level of comfort knowing that our company is protected. If your insurance company turns its back on your business, in its time of need, nothing can be more shocking and infuriating.

It is not until you have been a victim of insurance fraud, insurance bad faith, or abusive insurance practices that you truly appreciate how deplorable some insurance companies in Texas have become. The Plummer Law Firm P.C. has helped many businesses and individuals fight back against unfair and abusive insurance companies. Some of these companies make it a practice to fight you for every penny (that you are contractually entitled to) rather than pay you what you are rightfully owed under the contract.

Some insurance companies do the right thing, and honor their contracts. Typically, however, this only occurs after their insured hires a lawyer. If you suspect you are being dealt with in an underhanded or unfair way, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, for a free consultation and evaluation of your claim. If you don’t contact us, please contact a lawyer. Most folks dangerously underestimate the greed of some insurance companies. To ensure you are being treated fairly, have your claim evaluated by a professional.

Small Business

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