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Debt Collectors and Fraud

If your business is in need of the collection of a debt, or if your business is being needlessly harassed by a Debt Collector, please contact us immediately. The Plummer Law Firm P.C. has experience dealing with unscrupulous debt collectors, and collecting payments owed to clients.

Likewise, some contracts your business may have entered into might not be enforceable. Do not let a corporation, business, or individual violate your rights or bully you into doing something you are not required to do or did not agree to do.

If a consumer owes your business money, there are multiple avenues that can be pursued to achieve a desired result. The Plummer Law Firm P.C. has the knowledge and ability to assist you with outstanding debtors, and help you collect money owed.

Please contact us today for a free consultation if you have a any questions regarding debt collections and debt collectors.

Small Business

  • False Deceptive or Misleading Business Practices
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Employment Benefits Claims
  • Oil and Gas Disputes