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Small Business

Breach of Contract & Business Disputes

Any time your business purchases something or hires someone to do something, there is usually a contract involved. The contract entered may be an oral contract or a written contract. Either way, you have rights pursuant to Texas Law that protect your business from another business or person not living up to the promises and agreements they made to you or with you.

Likewise, some contracts your business may have entered into might not be enforceable. Do not let a corporation, business, or individual violate your rights or bully you into doing something you are not required to do or did not agree to do.

The Plummer Law Firm P.C. has assisted Texas medium and small business with business disputes and contract needs. One of the tried and true methods of preventing contract disputes is having a good law firm or lawyer draft your contracts for you. The Plummer Law Firm P.C. is able to draft contracts suitable to many business needs, and protect your interest in a negotiation.

The Plummer Law Firm P.C. has experience dealing with many complex and complicated breach of contract issues and business disputes. Do not get bogged down in the language of a contract or bulled into doing something without contacting an attorney. Please contact us today for a free consultation if you have a contract question or a dispute with a business.

Small Business

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